I am going to own you, 2012!

A lot of things happened to me this 2011. I met a lot of wonderful people, been to some awesome places, experienced new things. I lost some, I gained some. I learned a lot this roller-coaster ride of a year.

In early 2011, someone came into my life. I was hesitant at first but eventually embraced the fact that I am in loved with this person. I thought that was it. I thought that we are going to make it to the end. But I was wrong, it turned out that it was just a stop-over. We may be short-lived and I no longer matter to you, but I’m sure you know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

The rest of the year was a blur. I honestly couldn’t remember what happened. I was floating the whole time waiting for someone to get me back to my senses and all. All I know is that now I realize how awesome my friends are who were always there to back me up. Thank you guys!

During the latter part of the year, I together with some of my closest friends decided to respond to what we felt was a calling by forming a new organization that would promote our discipline, Sociology. Thus, UP ASUS was established. They became my new family.New people to learn with, laugh with, cry with, experience success with, have fun with and enjoy life with! I now have 3 of the “awesomest” affiliations in the world, the UPLB GABAY Volunteer Corps, the UP Photographers’ Society and the UP Alliance of Student Unified for Sociology.

I know that I will be very busy this 2012. No, I won’t be graduating this 2012 and this didn’t came as a surprise to me. I kinda knew all along that I won’t graduate on time. HAHA. With all of the things that are coming my way in 2012, I hope to do great at it and not just breeze through it. I may be able to deceive people by being loud and cheerful all the time, but my real friends know that I am still far from being okay, far from being the real me. ( Wala daw akong sparkle sa mata! HAHAHA)

I am really looking forward to an awesome 2012! 2011 was a bitch, please be good to me 2012! :D



Happy Christmas everyone! :D